Friday, June 25, 2010

A Poem From No Kidding About Bullying

Here's a poem from the book that kids love. It's actually on the CD Rom that comes with the book. Feel free to download the copy below and use it with your kids or your class. I'm in the process of updating my website to include more free, downloadable stuff you can use, including new activities and worksheets from No Kidding About Bullying. I'm interested in hearing your responses, and your kids', to the poem.

You Belong

by Naomi Drew

Come join in, come join in,

whatever your background or color of skin.

You are of value, for all that you are—

your special uniqueness will carry you far.

It’s not about the way you look,

your size, or weight, or height.

What matters most is what’s within,

the things that aren’t in sight.

It’s not about the clothes you wear

or place that you may live.

Your character defines you—

and the kindness that you give.

This world that we inhabit

could never be the same

without your excellent qualities,

your presence, and your name.

Take these words with you every day,

and treasure your own worth—

this planet changed in wondrous ways

the moment of your birth.

You are part of everything --

to life’s great promise you belong.

Rejoice in who you truly are,

stand up, join in,

and sing your song.

From No Kidding About Bullying, by Naomi Drew M.A., copyright 2010.Free Spirit Publishing inc. Minneapolis, MN, 800-735-7323, This page me be reproduced for individual, classroom, and small group work only. For other uses contact


  1. Naomi, this poem is beautiful and I plan on using it to inspire my fifth graders at the beginning of this new school year. I love the part where you say "Your character defines you and the kindness you give ... and the world would not be the same without your excellent qualities, presense and name..." I can't wait to begin using your new book, No Kidding About Bullying. You inspired me years ago to teach peacemaking and your ideas have made a tremendous difference with my students. Addressing bullying is essential in society today and I am grateful to have access to your many great lessons. Gail Siggelakis

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I think it should be printed as a poster and displayed in all classrooms across the nation.
    Sarah Burke

  3. Thank you, so much, Sarah! When I've used this poem with kids, especially kids who are at-risk, their faces light up. I always like to tell them that I wrote this poem especially for them. Please let me know how your kids respond. May this poem remind them of their worth, uniqueness, and the importance of their lives.