Monday, June 21, 2010


Who among us isn't interested in finding out how to be happy?

Happiness something people have been questing after for centuries, and

now, thanks to new findings, we're actually getting some solid answers

on how to create a happy life. The field of positive psychology has

opened up a whole new arena of research in this area. This is

incredibly important for all of people, but even moreso for parents

since kids learn primarily through our example. By creating happiness

in our lives, we teach them how to do the same. This issue of Peaceful

Parents is devoted to providing you some very important data on what

it takes to create a happy life. The more you intentionally do, the

happier it's possible to become, even if you're dealing with difficult


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3 Three Most Important Things You Need to Know About Happiness

- HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING WE CAN CREATE. According to University of

California research professor, Sonja Lyubomirsky "durable increases in

happiness are indeed possible and within the average person's reach."

But we have to be intentional about getting there. 40% of our

happiness comes from things we do and think. We need to engage in

daily intentional activities that create happiness. Here are twelve

from Dr. Lyumirsky's book, The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach

to Getting the Life You Want:

Express gratitude

Cultivate optimism

Avoid over thinking

Practice acts of kindness

Nurture social relationships

Develop Strategies for Coping

Learn to forgive

Increase Flow experiences

Savor life's joys

Commit to goals

Practic religion and spirituality

Take care of body through meditation and physical activity

- HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS, so seek out happy people. Try to minimize

contact with grouchy types, and add in as many positive, optimistic

people as you can. Research by social scientists Nicholas Christakis

and James Fowler revealed that each additional happy person you have

in your life boosts your sense of happiness by 9 percent. (For the

full article go to:

- CREATE LOTS OF SOCIAL CONTACTS. Doing so not only makes us happier,

it also improves our health and brain function. The more connected we

are to friends and social contacts the better we feel. University of

North Carolina sociology professor, Rebecca G. Adams says friendship

has a huge impact on our psychological well-being. Even if the

friendships aren't all deep, having those connections increases our

sense of well-being. (see New York Times article: "What Are Friends

For? A Happy Life?" 4/20/09).

SPECIAL BONUS: For a daily reminder of what it takes to be happy,

listen to, believe it or not, "The How of Happiness Song:" The tune alone made me

feel happy when I heard it. Hope it makes you feel happy too!


  1. I very much enjoyed this post!

  2. Thanks, Shara, Hope it's helpful in a concrete way. This information has certainly helped me! I try to follow most of it daily and I notice that when I do, I can better cope with difficult things, and have an overall sense of increased well-being. Something that I do daily now (corny as this may sound) is keeping a "journal of delights," similar to a gratitude journal. Each night before I go to sleep I take a few minutes to list, and sometimes describe, the small things from the day that made me happy. The process of writing these things down and mentally reviewing them gives me an immediate sense of well-being and helps me enter sleep with good thoughts. I've read that this practice actually reconfigures neural pathways in a positive direction.