Sunday, June 20, 2010

My first post!!

Yay, I'm blogging! Now I only hope I can find my blog once I close this page! Don't laugh -- I have never done this before. But since my new book is coming out next week (hopefully!) I'm figuring this whole thing out. I feel a little behind the eight-ball because I know people have been doing this for years. I mean Julie of Julie and Julia figured this out years ago and ended up writing a book and having a movie made of it (with Meryl Streep, no less!). Not that I ever expect a movie to be made of No Kidding About Bullying. Maybe my book will help a few teachers and kids along the way. And if it does, that'll be better than a movie. Anyway, now my biggest concern is just finding my blog again after I close this window. And who knows, maybe a few of my readers will find my blog too. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Somehow I'm going to figure this whole thing out!!


  1. Looks great! You'll love it! Suzanne

  2. Please pass on the link to people you know. Wouldn't it be great to have this information go viral. The more kids and teachers my book can help, the better. Thanks for being my first post!

  3. I tried my first blogging comment and lost it I understand. I need a little happiness motivation about now. This is my first summer vacation and it is proving to be as difficult as my first year of teaching. Ok maybe not that hard. Anyway thanks for the blog, I will try to follow along, if I can find it. Hoping I can still salvage the summer!

  4. Congratulations Naomi, BRAVO!!! BRAVO!! A timely and much needed book. Will order one as soon as I sign out.


  5. Good luck on the blog post.

    Your brother,
    David Yoseph