Friday, July 1, 2011

The No Bullying Pledge

Introduce your kids to the No Bullying Pledge. Be they at home, at camp, in school, or any other place where kids gather, this needs to be the standard. Ending bullying starts with each of us, and the time to act is now. Please pass this on to every parent, teacher, or group leader you know:

                     The No Bullying Pledge

  • I will not take part in any actions  that purposely hurt another person.                                         

  • I will join with friends to stand up for kids who are being picked on. 


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  1. My 4th graders never bully anyone and always help their friends and family. We liked the anti-bullying pledge.
    Mrs. De la Cruz's class
    Roosevelt school

  2. Thank you for posting this pledge! Our class is going to "stand up and make a difference!" :)
    1st grade, Manville NJ