Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Mother Speaks Out Against Bullying

“It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t happen to anyone,” said Wendy Walsh whose 13 year-old son committed suicide last fall after being brutally bullied for being gay.

To prevent this tragedy from happening to any other child, Wendy Walsh filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. The Federal Justice Department investigated her complaint and discovered that Seth was a sensitive boy who, “for more than two years, was teased for looking like a girl, inappropriately touched, had food and water bottles thrown at him, became the subject of false sexual rumors and eventually stopped changing into his gym clothes because he felt threatened in the locker room.” They found the school district's lack of effective action to stop the bullying a violation of Seth's civil rights.

The Justice Department and the Federal Education Department censured Seth’s school district and demanded that they make immediate changes to stop the bullying. For full details read my Examiner article, “An Anti-bullying Victory.”

“It took my son’s life to make this change,“ said Wendy Walsh. She advises other parents not to stand still if their child is being bullied. “Know your rights, then make it stop.”

If your child is being bullied and you’ve tried to make it stop, but nothing’s worked, find out what you can do in the highly informative Bully Action Guide by Dr. Edward F. Dragan.

Wendy Walsh with a photo of Seth. Photo by Casey Christie

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