Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teachers: This Can Be Your Best Year Ever

Imagine a year in which your students -- all of them -- treat each other with kindness and respect. Imagine not having to continuously put out fires as conflicts erupt and kids engage in bullying. Imagine having a class full of kids who help each other, are patient with one another, and who view each other through compassionate eyes. Imagine having more time to actually teach. What a concept! Imagine having a class where kids actually get along.

Here's a free downloadable lesson that will help you start your year off on the right foot and enable you to begin creating that "get-along classroom" we all long for. Just click on the hyper-link and download. For more free downloads, go to May you have a year that's bully-free and productive for everyone!

Here's a poem to start your year with too:

It Starts With You
by Naomi Drew

Let the eyes
inside your heart
see into the hearts
of others.

they have the need
br be accepted
just like you.

Let them see you care,
open up your mind,
treat them with respect,
show that you’re a friend.

When you do this
you might find
others treating
you the same,

opening their eyes
to look inside your heart
returning the respect
you have given them.

And one by one
the world may change;
a brighter sun
might start to rise,

reminding us
that peace for all
is rooted in
the things we do.

Adapted from The Peaceful Classroom in Action, by Naomi Drew, copyright Personhood Press.
May be reprinted for classroom use.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and this great lesson plan. As teachers are rushing around to get ready for the start of school, it's a wonderful way to help them to start to think about beginning everyone from a Peacemaking place. I look forward to looking at all of the lesson plans in your new book!

    Toby I.