Friday, August 13, 2010

Bullying "A Gateway to Hate" Says Arne Duncan

As our first national summit on bullying continues, Secretary Arne Duncan is taking a strong stand against bullying. Recognizing that bullying is a school safety issue he said, "Bullying is doubly dangerous because it can have unintended consequences and be escalated to even more serious violence and abuse."

Kudos to Arne Duncan for speaking out so passionately against bullying! May his words have a far-reaching influence, with many concrete changes ultimately resulting.

Refusing to the accept the old erroneous argument that "kids will be kids" and that bullying is simply a rite of passage, Duncan recognized bullying as the dangerous, devastating trend it has become.

"Just as you have gateway drugs," Duncan said, "bullying, I think, is a gateway to a hate."

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