Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teens Stamping Out Cyberbullying

When we hear the word "cyberbullying" we immediately think of all the bad things kids are doing through the internet, cell phones, and videos. On the bright side of this looming social problem, however, is an amazing network called  TeenAngels. These are kids ranging from 13 to 18 who have voluntarily been trained in internet safety, security, and other pertinent issues, who take their knowledge on the road, literally and figuratively. The brainchild of Parry Aftab of, TeenAngels, and their younger counterparts, TweenAngels -- 7- to 12-year olds -- speak to schools and community groups about cyberbullying and other internet safety issues, plus conduct research and write articles on these topics. Here's just a smattering of some of the wonderful articles they've written:

- A Victim Among Us?
Be an upstander and become a TeenAngel.
- Cyberbullying                                            
- Priming Parents for Online Perils
- Making the Internet a Safer Place

Wow! Now that's what I call being upstanders!  If you know a child who's being cyberbullied, you can also take them to StopCyberbullying, another of Aftab's excellent sites, for information and support.

Stamping out cyberbullying!
Let's get more kids onboard. TeenAngels and TweenAngels -- we need to multiply you a thousand times over!!

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