Friday, December 3, 2010

A Word to Kids Who Are Being Bullied

You Are Not Alone

There are people out there who can help. Lots of people care about you, even people you don't know. We understand how painful bullying can be, and we know that you don't deserve to be bullied. There is nothing wrong with you. Kids who bully do it for power, and if they weren't picking on you, they'd be picking on someone else. So if you're thinking that the bullying is your fault, let go of that idea. It's not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied. Period.

If you're being bullied, don't keep the problem inside yourself. It'll only make you feel worse. Talk to someone who cares -- and there are lots of people who do: your parents, your teachers, your school counselor, your principal, your friends, and other relatives in your family.  Don't let embarrassment or fear hold you back. If you've tried to get help and the bullying still continues, keep asking. And if you don't know who to talk to, or you're not ready to talk to someone face to face, here's a number you can call to get support right now: 1-800-448-3000. This is the Girls and Boys Town National Hotline. A caring person will be on the other end, and your call will be completely confidential. This hotline has helped over 8 million kids, and it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are there for you.

Here's something else to remember -- you are just right exactly as you are. You don't have to be just like everybody else to be worthy of respect. Your individuality is what makes you special, and you deserve to be treated with kindness and decency.  Always remember this. Now, go talk to someone, and keep talking till you get the help you need.

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