Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally - The Link to My TV Appearance

I have to preface this post by saying that the only time I've gone to the Fox News site is to see the interview I did with them. On one hand, I'm feeling a little cognitive dissonance to have been on Fox, but on the other hand, it was an opportunity to talk about bullying with an audience I might not otherwise have reached, and it was actually fun.

Although the interview went well, it was very short because of the cargo bomb incident that took place the day before. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano came on first, and she ended up using some of the time that was alotted to us. Oh, well -- at least we didn't get bumped, as happens often with national TV. And I have to admit, the experience of working with Fox and being hosted by them in New York was very positive -- credit where credit is due. So, for anyone who is interested, click here if you'd like to see the interview.

On another note, I just did a new article for the Examiner on some troubling results of a new survey on teens and bullying, plus some powerful measures schools can take to prevent bullying. Click here to read the full article.

Oh, I almost forgot -- a wonderful song by a plethora of Broadway stars for any kid who's ever been bullied. "It Gets Better" is wonderful and inspiring. Click here to hear it on You Tube.

Do you have stories about bullying? If so, please post them here. And if you're using No Kidding About Bullying, please let me know how it's going!!

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