Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Kidding About Bullying Update

My warmest thanks to all the teachers across the country who've offered to participate in the research study of No Kidding About Bullying. There are so many people wanting to take part, and I wish we could say yes to all of you! However, there are no longer any openings for the study. We may do a Part 2 after this one, so look for future notices in upcoming blog posts and newsletters.

The book is available to everyone at, and if you decide to use it with your class or group, I would love to hear about your experiences. I am about to launch a No Kidding About Bullying blog. Anyone using the book is invited to post their thoughts, questions, and writings (including student work). I will let you know as soon as the blog is up. By the way, click here for a free session from No Kidding About Bullying on helping kids deal with exclusion and rejection. You can download and use right now. If you are a parent, feel free to pass it on to your child’s teacher.

A few more items I know you’ll be interested in:

Parents of teens and tweens, are you looking for ways to navigate the minefield of these challenging years? For straightforward answers and up-to-date information you can use right now, listen to my latest podcast, “Talking to Your Teens and Tweens.” Go to either of these links:

For an online interview I did with Education News on No Kidding About Bullying, and a free poem from the book, click here.

For my latest Examiner article, “Does Your School Foster Compassion and Kindness?", click here. You can post comments at the end of the article, and, as always, I invite your thoughts!

Lastly, to hear the poignant words of a mom whose child experienced relentless bullying, scroll down or click here read “The Frustration of Being Bullied.”

What are you doing to foster compassion over cruelty? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Post your comments, questions, and stories below.

To schedule a workshop or keynote for your school, parent group, workplace, or community,
e-mail The following topics are currently available:

- No Kidding About Bullying
- Cyberbullying
- Anger Management for Kids
- Anger Management for Teens
- Resolving Conflicts and Managing Anger
- No More Fighting
- Fostering Compassion, Kindness, Conscience
- We Can Work It Out: Communication Skills for All Ages
- Calming and De-stressing
- Bully-proofing Your School
- Helping Kids Who've Been Bullied
- Peacemaking for Pre-Schoolers
- Peaceful Parent, Peaceful Kids
- The Power of Kindness
- Creating Peaceful Schools
- Conflict Resolution for Educators
- New Teacher Training
- Fostering Acceptance
- Talking to Your Teen
- Building Resilience in Children
- Helping Middle Schoolers Handle Conflict
- Building Good Character
- Fostering Good Listening in Children
- Raising Compassionate Kids

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